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Your favorite beverage--sweet mango aloe vera drink

Campbell's V8 vegetable for 75 years and V8 portfolio is 100% vegetable juice, V8 V - offering a variety of fruit-based drinks, including the merger of 100% vegetable and fruit juices and V8 Splash Juice Drink.


"We ESIO through the hot water and cold drinks machine is pleased to offer a drink V8 Splash" Dale Clemiss, vice president, sweet mango aloe vera drink, said Campbell Soup Company. "This innovative system also provides others to provide a convenient way to new ways for us to reach consumers enjoy some of your favorite beverage."


Wal-Mart is responsible for leading retail partners Esio system drinks available in stores this fall.

 Aloe Mango Drink in1.5L Bottle

"Our games in a comfortable device that changes as a drink only the quality of heat and cold will offer US consumers ESIO national retail release system hot and cold drink," Frank Leonesio, Esio sweet mango aloe vera drink Company Founder and CEO. "Campbell has a long reputation for high quality, good taste sweet mango aloe vera drink brands, consumers still think another way to get them excited and partners can enjoy your favorite drink V8 Splash juices."


Arizona-based Esio Holding Company, through its subsidiaries, drink systems for home and office that focused on developing, manufacturing and marketing products focus on providing multi-service and sweet mango aloe vera drink dispensing. ESIO Beverage Company manages the operating activities of sale of the company, ESIO Franchise Manager and the role of operational activities ESIO International oversees franchise and licensing of technology and fall drink.