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For the tasty mango aloe vera drink time

"A simple touch of the new TASSIMO by Bosch family on the button, you can enjoy your drink select perfect tasting" Franz J. Bosshard, president and CEO, said Bosch appliances. "We have an exclusive flow through one of the world famous dishwashers, fully take advantage of technology water heating, TASSIMO creates an ideal environment for the tasty mango aloe vera drink time."

 Super Delicious Aloe Vera Drink, New Mango Flavor!



Only TASSIMO coffee offers an authentic cappuccino and latte milk, coffee, cream, tea and hot chocolate choice. Starbucks [R] uses the T DISC technology to deliver coffee blends and other favorite brands in North America and Europe, TASSIMO features first cup of perfect experience. The consumer can be prepared in succession, each of the cups fresh flavor and premium tasty mango aloe vera drink.




automatic and fully integrated LED user interface means that consumers can Bosch to provide excellent drinks without the hassle of custom and traditional coffee clutter trust the TASSIMO. The T DISC easy to operate with one-touch button, insert the coffee. Each complete on the computer with each bar code is automatically notifies the optimum amount of water required and the temperature glasses. The consumer can adjust the concentration of the tasty mango aloe vera drink of their choice. Since water heating only drink sugared water heater Bosch infusion is necessary, in fact, it does not guarantee the heating time, only a small pause between each use is needed. Removable tasty mango aloe vera drink tank is easily accessible to consumers and the unit is easy to clean and disk maintenance descaling. Adjusting the height of the two-stage mobile support cup