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made of the inner gel of the Aloe vera

Used for producing a product for Nu Manapol (R) is a freeze-dried powder made of the inner gel of the Aloe vera L. powder Japan USA and protection of the other patents.


"We are delighted to strengthen Manapol (R) Powder and receptive to see the first shipment of aloe beverage formulation for the Japanese market," said Bill Pine, Caraloe general manager. "We believe the early success as the beginning of a long-term effort by the marketing strength of Caraloe and ACI Pacific and Japan, Nu Skin International."


Parties was to estimate the potential size of the market, other than to say that the world's largest market for products with Aloe wide of the Pacific Rim and Japan.


Nu Skin International is a well established, fast growing direct sales companies involved in the distribution and sale of premium quality nutritional and personal care products. Subsidiary of Nu Skin Asia Pacific Co. (NYSE: NUS) is the exclusive distributor for Nu Skin Car Products from Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Thailand. The company also holds the distribution rights to sell Nu Skin products in China, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, the People's Republic of Singapore.


Caraloe, Inc. is focused on providing high quality products that includes both private brand products derived from naturally occurring sources for raw materials and cosmetic, pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement market.