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Aloe International is selling aloe vera and other health product

International Aloe enjoyed explosive growth over the past three years has dropped to the heavy weight of other investment funds. With his wife, Catherine, four in 1981 was President of the Warren Bridge, aloe international corporation established in April it decided to re-focus on the most important of these ventures. Warren and Katherine repurchase all the shares of International Aloe and negotiate with other shareholders to give up their half-ownership of other companies.


Aloe International is selling aloe vera and other health product lines from selected (TM), SportaRub (TM), Warren Select (TM) brand name is Catherine. Orlando, retailers in 2421 Curry Ford Road in Florida is also due to break the general sales program, much less to exceed six million US dollars in 1996 estimated total revenue and the role of comprehensive national site for direct marketing operations 6 more than in 1995 one of which lasted from April to early negotiations in the second week of the month January. International Aloe typically sent more than 50,000 potential new weekly e-mail invitation.


Since there was only paper used in direct mail, suddenly interrupted for too long was sufficient to prevent serious losses in the normal realignment real frustrated but satisfied patrons. There was no need to organize any dismissal; Indeed, the company has added a number of people during this period.