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we have decided to keep Aloe growth

His contribution was very important during the transition period, the new General Manager, Mr. T. L. (Skip) Fengtish and his wife Barbara Gilbert was deputy director of personnel two people. Both had previous management, we have decided to keep Aloe. This was a particularly significant contribution to the morale of the workforce in the overall technology of the new management team.


The new management team owner quickly set a goal for the growth and improvement. The goal is to improve the physical facilities, adding other marketing media (space advertising, the Internet, radio and television), improvement and computer hardware and extensions of the software, better phone reception telemarketing, especially for equipment, expansion of product lines, the new included customers the skills enhancement program for the service personnel.


The project was repainted and renovated the building and start with signage replacement. Almost all projects were started, some of which are well along in their development.


One of the most important assets of the company is a direct marketing mailing list of customers. International Aloe Newark, New Jersey has a new list manager and broker, Conrad directly. More than 11,000 duplicate name has been removed from the list. Now the company (300,000 or more) to all postal customers is to "modify the requested address" postcard. This is often done in the future to clean up the list and eliminate waste storage and printing materials ordering stamps. Also improves the value of the list for rental to other people.