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use unrefined aloe vera gel directly from the plant

It is possible to use unrefined aloe vera gel directly from the plant. Many people hold aloe vera plants in their homes, for this purpose. Suppliers also sell aloe vera in this form. The plant gel is often used to heal and clean wounds. Its healing properties and skin-friendly qualities have made it a popular natural product all over the world. In clinical trials, aloe was associated with lowering heart disease risk factors, lower cholesterol levels, and lowering diabetic sugar levels after meals. Aloe Vera has the ability to hydrate and soothe skin. This is especially helpful for dry or sunny sun. The aloe vera sinks into the skin, without a greasy feeling. Aloe vera also reduces inflammation. When used as a topical application, aloe is generally used in gel form as a skin care product, after sun treatment and for wounds. For these purposes, it is easy to use the natural gel form or an extract used as a component in a cream. The gel form can also be taken internally. The Aloe Vera powder and juice are used both for external and internal use. Aloe powder and juice are both versatile forms of the product. The powder or juice may be used in the manufacture of cosmetic and first-aid preparations. More:http://c838194050.hatenablog.com/entry/2016/10/10/151823 More:http://okyaloaloedrink.publicoton.fr/uses-certified-organic-aloe-vera-821534 More:https://www.24liveblog.com/live/1352735

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