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Aloe Vera Gel Freeze Dried Powder factory

Function: Rich in Aloe Vera, protein, organic acids, amino acids, trace elements and other functional ingredients. With enhancing immunity, regulating the stomach, beauty, freckle, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, lowering blood lipids, blood sugar, liver protection and other effects. 

200:1 Aloe Vera Gel Freeze Dried Powder

1. Food: food additives; beverages (functional drinks, fruit and vegetable drinks, dairy drinks, alcoholic beverages, etc.); canned; dairy products.
2. Health food: the relevant functions of the tablets, capsules, oral liquid, granules and other forms of health food products.
3. Beauty care and daily necessities: sunscreen; freckle, acne supplies; hand, skin care supplies; cleansing supplies; moisturizing supplies; shampoo; conditioner; bath supplies; hair conditioner;shaving agent;hair removal agent,etc.
4. Drugs: anti-tumor; traditional analgesics; emergency spray; remove hemorrhoids; remove scars and other preparations.
5. Sanitary products: urine is not wet; paper towels; disinfectant; hand wash product,etc.

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